It all started with an outlet at Tariq Road in 2002. At that time, Tariq Road was, and still is, a shopping hub for those who seek to buy the latest in fashion. Initially, only men's wear was available at the store, but later on clothing for women, children, teens, as well as formal wear including groom's wear was also added to the product list as expansion continued. In 2011, we took another bold initiative and gave a new look to all our outlets as part of our ‘New Outlook, New Outlet' strategy. This broke the monotonous theme of our outlets by making them more modern and different from others.

Corporate Philosophy

The main idea behind launching J. (J dot) was to reintroduce traditional clothes in Pakistan with a blend of modernism. For this purpose, we initiated with reworking on our Eastern dresses, especially Qameez Shalwar and made them contemporary with the latest elaborations available. The experimentation with this rare combination resulted in an increased interest of people toward modified Eastern ensembles, which will always be in vogue.

Brand Personality

J. can be defined as a fashion retail brand that is rich, elegant and stylish in traditional ensembles. It keeps adding seasonal clothes, machine prints, intricate embroidery and modern cuts to its already extensive collection on a regular basis. For our unique and flamboyant designs for men and women, we depend on a team of highly skilled fashion professionals who come from the country's renowned fashion institutes. They start out by studying the latest trends, carrying out research on how these trends can be adopted, selecting the colors and styles that can make the collection extraordinary and then finalizing both casual and formal designs for every season.


Though the philosophy behind establishing J.Was ti revive our traditional Qameez Shalwar. the aspect of adding a modern touch to them is what makes this brand exclusive. This rare combination of blending tradition with the latest fashion trends is itself innovative as it give rise to astonishingly amazing designs. This makes the brand a trend setter in the fashion industry. For impeccable finesse. we use state-of-the-art technology for weaving our own fabric Handlooms are used for Khaadi and Jacquard fabric while power looms are used for the plait fabric. All dyeing, printing and weaving is done by us.


J. is a market leader when it comes to traditional wear. We try to incorporate all those dated embellishments and designs like Gota Kinari and Block Prints in our collection in a manner that they seem part of the latest trends. Our team consists of skilled artisans and professional fashion designers. This is the reason that when they mix the old with the new, the outcome is seamless and timeless designs that are highly appreciated by our customers.


At J., whether it's a customer or an employee we are dealing with, we treat them like a family member. Our outlets with their friendly staff make shopping a pleasure. Our working environment is positive, supportive and those who perform well are bestowed with awards and certificates to acknowledge their effort and elevate their motivational level.

Management Team

Our Marketing and Sales Team is comprised of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the market they are operating in. They are also well-informed of their surroundings and are continuously thriving to maintain the brand’s market leader position by working in collaboration with other departments. Finance All the finance-related decisions are taken by the Finance Team whose responsibility is to make sure the company’s financial statements are in order and transparent. Also, we believe in noninterest based financing and comply with all Shariah rules to ensure our money is riba free.


Today, no company can survive without an effective IT infrastructure. One of the secrets of us being the benchmark is our effectual IT network. It plays a major role in giving us an insight of what is happening inside and outside the organization.


Coming up with new designs every time is a challenging task especially when you are operating in a fickle market where trends change in the blink of an eye. But hats off to our Creative Team who not only works meticulously to ensure timely availability of stocks, it also produces designs and styles that are just amazing.


After the designs are approved, they are sent for production. Our Production Team there uses the latest technology to meet the standards required to produce flawless weaving, printing, embroidery, cutting, styling, stitching and packing. J. is a full-fledged fashion retail brand with men, women, children, and teens' wear.

Products and Services

The diverse collection of men's wear at J.ranges from formal to semi forma to casual wear. All these ensembles are adorned with the right amount of embellishments, embroidery and/or cuts, depending on the event they are made for. On top of that, the fabric is hand-woven, comfortable and available in eye-catching colors and designs to suit your taste and style.

Our men's collection includes:
• J. Kurta Bunnat 
• Qameez Shalwar 
• Waistcoat 
• Unstitched Fabric 
• Sherwani, Turban, Khussa and other accessories for the groom 
• Shoes

Products and Services

Dazzling and impressive is what defines J.'s women's wear. They are inspired by the latest fashion trends yet have a traditional tinge of our Eastern style. Available in striking colors, these ensembles are perfect for any occasion.

Our women's collection includes: 
• Kurti Collection 
• Lawn (Stitched and Unstitched) 
• Silk Collection 
• Hand-Woven Collection 
• Nearang (Stitched and Unstitched) 
• Trouser 
• Jewelry 
• Stoles 
• Shoes

Children's Wear

J. not only makes clothes for men and women, it also has an exemplary children's collection. This collection is further divided into Teens, Boys & Girls, and Infants, and each category offers vibrant age-appropriate ensembles for Him and Her with contemporary designs and styles.

Groom's Wear

Our traditional men's Sherwanis, Turbans, Khussas and Shawls are the epitome of sophistication and modern designs. Their styles, colors and the detail work outshine everything else and make the groom the center of attention, which is his right.


A wide array of perfumes is also available at J., which can be worn by anyone. They vary from light fresh flowery fragrances to heavy musk, which are extremely delightful and pleasant. They are a treat for the senses and are appreciated by our customers.


J. also accessorizes its men and women's wear with fashionable shoes, jewelry and bags to make the outfits suitable for any occasion.


Within a short span of time, J. has expanded its reach across Pakistan and abroad. Its 50+ outlets in Pakistan alone are a testament of the efforts the company has put in to become the country's largest fashion retail brand. Best of all, each outlet has a new and inspiring outlook where customers can shop in comfort. This truly justifies the fact that the company has won Brand of the Year Award in the fashion retail category for 3 consecutive years. Aside from its extensive network of branches across Pakistan, J. has also set its foot in the Middle East and UK, with its branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bradford and a new branch which is about to open in Saudi Arab. This makes the brand a one-stop shop for All Seasons and All Occasions. The summer exhibitions organized by J. also receive an overwhelming response from our customers where we unveil our latest designs and styles. This has motivated us to hold exhibitions in other cities and countries besides Karachi.